What can you do?

1. Adopt - There are always lots of great animals available at your local animal shelter. If you buy a pet from the pet store, you support additional breeding in a time of enormous overpopulation.

2. Spay or Neuter - Unless you are a licensed professional breeder, there is no reason to allow your pet to breed. The overpopulation problem cannot be solved without aggressive Spay/Neuter programs.

3. Prevent Strays - Every stray picked up is one less space at the shelter. Keep your pet securely confined, and be sure they have a collar with your current phone number on it.

4. Foster - Offer to care for a dog or cat for a few days or weeks until space is again available or another shelter can take them.

5. Donate - We have many plans, but volunteerism only goes so far. We need funds to improve Rescue Me! We want to expand our show to include other shelters in the county. We want to implement programs to encourage and support Spay/Neuter programs in the county.

We appreciate whatever you can do